Love Birds For Sale

Lovebirds have the potential to make great pets for those who have the patience and time required of any parrot species. Because of their inclination to bond, they can form great long-term relationships with people. Lovebirds are healthier and more energetic than some other parrot species.





Lovebirds require an appropriately sized cage. Usually the minimum for a single bird is 20″x20″x20″. They require lots of toys and things to chew on and play with, or will soon become bored and develop behavioral problems. Lovebirds are extremely social birds, and require several hours of interaction a day if kept singly. They need social interaction, be it with conspecifics or human companion, for their emotional as well as physical well-being. Without this interaction, daily exercise, a roomy cage, and many toys to play with, they may resort to feather-plucking or other behavioral problems. They don’t necessarily need the companion of another lovebird, as the myth says. They do, however, need a human who will dedicate lots of time with them and take the place of the other lovebird. They love to take baths almost every day and may sun themselves after bathing in order to dry.


Lovebirds require a variety of food, such as pellets, fruits, and vegetables. As a regular food, pellets are recommended, as the millet food generally sold in pet stores has too much fat in it and is not a significant source of nutrition. Pellets specially made for birds provide a well-balanced diet. Fresh greens are also extremely beneficial if not essential.



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