Parakeets For Sale

Certain common household items cause real problems and even threaten the life of your parakeet. Beware, of these specific threats: Windows, spoiled food, string, threads, loud noises, hot water, tropical plants, fans, Teflon pans, pest strips, flea killers, insecticides, and other pets.




Friendly: Once your parakeet gets to know you, he watches you as you approach his cage. He tilts his head and saunters over to the bars to see what you’re up to this time.


Communicative: He chirps and chatters when you enter the room. He says, “Hey, look at me” when you come home from work.


Beautiful: Parakeets come in a veritable rainbow of colors – and combinations of colors – all of which are appealing to the eye.


Long-Lived: Properly cared for parakeets live 15 years or longer.


Easily Cared For: You never have to brush or wash your parakeet. He carefully preens every feather himself every day. Mist him occasionally to bring out his brightest colors.

Economical: You measure your parakeet’s food in tablespoons – two a day more than “fills the bill.” Cages cost very little and last for years. If you need a new cage, get one as large as your wallet can tote.


Entertaining: See how long it takes him to train you to whistle at him. He knows other tricks, too. He’s one of the world’s greatest acrobats. His hooked bill gives him “one leg up” on the competition.


Convenient: Parakeets take very little space and readily adjust to your schedule. An occasional cage cleaning takes less than 10 minutes.



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