Versele Laga Nutribird A 19

Versele Laga Nutribird A 19

  • Weight

  • 800 gm

Rs. 1,250

Versele Laga Nutribird A 19 800 gm

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NutriBird A 19 is a complete birdfood for hand-rearing of macaws, eclectus, hawk-headed parrots, African grey parrots and other babybirds with a high energy requirement. Scientifically composed for an optimal growth.

Directions for use

The NutriBird A 19 hand-rearing food is prepared by adding warm water. The food-water ration changes with the age of the baby-bird and must be carefully adapted. Use the following chart to prepare the rearing food. For the first preparation, it is recommended to weigh out precisely the required amounts.

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