Pigeon Express Supplement For Pigeon


You can now improve the speed of you racing pigeons drastically by these nutritional supplements

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The Pigeon Express Supplement for Pigeon is nutritional supplement, to improve the immunity of pigeon and maintain a shiny and soft coat at all times. If the product is given on a regular basis the benefits can be everlasting. The product provides immunity to your birds and enhances it when given on regular basis. The resultant output of the product is improved feather condition of birds and general well being.Pigeon Express Supplement is a combination of omega 3and 6 essential fatty acids. It contains various vitamins and minerals such as (A, D and E). The supplement contains all soluble vitamins making absorption easy for bird. The nutrient in the product is absorbed into the bloodstream directly. Thus, the bird is able to absorb almost 99.5% of the vitamins into the body.

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