1. Summary
    • – IDB’s Introduction
    • – Vision & Mission
    • – Importance of Dogs
    • – Various Aspects responsible for the Growth of Pets Business.
  2. Interesting Facts & Statistics.
  3. Why to choose pets Business as a career.
  4. Advantages of Franchisee Business.
  5. Why IDB Franchisee, Benefits of being an IDB Franchisee.
  6. Proposed Services at IDB Franchisee (Work Area)
  7. Specialised Products, Infrastructure, Service & facilities provided by IDB to IDB   Franchisee.
  8. Unique Launching Ceremony of IDB Franchisee.
  9. Some of the Interesting Business strategies of IDB Franchisee.
  10. Future Expansions Plans of IDB.
  11. Cost of IDB Franchisee.
  12. Policies & Procedure for IDB Franchisee.


“Progress is a continuous process which never Ends. We would like to introduce ourself as the most reputed esteemed organization in pet’s world since more than a decade. Established with a capital of just 5000 rupees and the Noble thought and vision of taking dogs as a companion from class to mass & with the dream of having dogs in every Indian Household. International Dog Bazar Now is the most trusted brand name in Dogs game, being the pioneer to introduce this unorthodox hobby as a full time profession. IDB to committed to ignite the revolution in pets Industry with its innovative concepts and consistent Development.


Till date IDB has happily catered more than 25,000 satisfied clients all across India. Our respective client includes a layman to the president of India. We have supplied to Rajasthan Police Indian Army, RPF, BSF & other premier organizations.


IDB Because of innovative concepts has been covered by almost all premier & Global & National Media numerous times. Like H.T., TOI, Asian Age, Indian Express, Sahara, Mid day, Economic Times, Khaleej Times, Golf News, Wall Street Journal, New York Herald, CNN, BBC, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Zee News, Star News, E-TV, BT, CNN-IGN, India TV, Life India, Doordarshan and a lot more. IDB has introduce the concepts of Keeping Dogs in such a unique manner that the helped in increasing the number of Dog owners from 300 to whopping 40,000 in Jaipur alone, this tinsel pink city of India is now equally renowned for pets Industry as any other like Gems, or marble trade.

IDB is the first Pets Organization in India to acquire ISO 9001-2000. Certification for its efficient work Process and Management, IDB is providing the MostExclusiveRange of Dogs & other pets with a ready stock of more than 1000 pets. IDB’s aviary offers you the rarest of birds and parrots anytime, along with other related Services.


Being aware of social responsibilities, IDB has been actively organizing Dog Shows; Pet shows, Vaccination Camps, Dog Registration Camps, Dog Lovers Get together, Friendship Day, Valentine Day & Dog Day Parties, Dog Adoption schemes, Seminars on Awareness, Kids Pets carnival, Instituting Awards for outstanding achievement in Pets Fraternity, successfully running Kennel Club to command & control canine activities, Instigating Pet Doctors & Traders association (Small Animal Pet traders and Doctor’s Association) SAPTA & regularly introducing and improvising the canine Industry & benefiting maximum people.


IDB’s Mission :

IDB’s Vision “U Dream – We Deliver” IDB’s vision is to make this world a better & happy place as we see the Golden Words said by Mahatma Gandhi “The Greatness and the moral progress of a Nation is judged by the way its animals are treated” so better we treat the animals, greater our progress will be. The brightest example of such progress is United States of America having pets double than its population and on top being the most progressive, developed country on this Earth.


Since the Evolution of Man, dog is the Only known pet, as we cannot tame or pet a tiger, we are closest to a wonderful animal known as dog, we learn Loyalty trust, unconditional love and honesty from this fascinating creation of God and these qualities are unchanged since ages. Dogs have a very special place in human heart. Down the ages this bond has become strong and today they find a place in millions of homes as a family member. So on the Business of Breeding & Selling Dogs alongwith other associated services has increased many folds, Thousand of people globally has opted this profession as a full time livelihood source majorly due to the extraordinary interest of people from mass to class to own a pet with changing lifestyle, with household getting smaller with more youngsters with higher disposable income, with parents having a single child with families getting nucleus, with kids getting more indoor, with ageing population with more load of work on working class & business class, with more security concerns and a need of a great stress buster toga there are the reason making more and more people owning a pet moreover the thought of “ME Too” is forcing people to buy the best pedigreed dogs as they even carry the status of owners. All these trends are surprising in a country like India. An industry expert says this trend is on Rise. The fastest Growing Segments of home based business are in pets Industry undoubtedly.


  • Pets Business are the fastest growing home based business.
  • 2.2 Million Household owns at least one dog in India.
  • Indians spent 1200 Crore annually only on Dog food.
  • Despite of slowing economy spending on pets is increasing.
  • The annual growth rate of pets industry is whopping 30%.
  • American alone have spent 43 Billion on their Pets in 2008 (2 Lacs 15 thousand Crore Rupees)
  • France own thrice number of Dogs than its total population.
  • Americans owns 40 million pets.
  • The Approx. turnover of pet based unorganized industry in Jaipur has reached 15 to 18 Crore.
  • More than 2000 people are directly or indirectly employed in pets industry in Jaipur.
  • About 60 Major Pharma Companies Like Pfizer, Bayer, Cadila , Ranbaxy, Cipla, Himalya, Wockardt, have already introduced their canine & pets range of products.
  • About 15 Brand of Ready made Dog food brands are available in India.
  • Dogs are appearing as models in more ads and endorsements on T.V. than any other film as sports celebrity.
  • China is exporting a sum of 2 billion worth pet products annually.
  • The starting range of any pup is nowhere less than Rs. 3000 for a spitz where as the most expensive dog on this earth is worth 24 Crores that is the Seiger VA-1 German shepherd of Germany.
  • A single dog on an average life span of 15 years costs around 48 lacs Rs. in term of products used by that dog.
  • In future even if 1% household in India owning a pet will take this industry to a figure of 45,000 Crore rupees annually.
  • A Normal Pug Breed Bitch give birth to an average litter of 6 to 8 pups twice in a year reproducing till 7 years. Producing around 96 pups with each costing at an average of 20,000 Rs. taking the figure to 19,20,000 Rupees.


The first & foremost reason that inspires you entering this trade is your passion for pets & dogs which can be cultivated as a full time profession. That means fun at work & work with fun all the time.

  • Secondly the scope of expansion in pets industry, is infinite Right from the beginning of earnings by selling a Dog till the time he is alive, he pays in so many ways. On an average every dog cost around Rs. 20,000 to the owner every year.
  • Awareness and willingness in people to own a dog in every household may it be for security, hobby, status symbol or as a matter of happiness.
  • Craze for keeping dog in kids, this force parents to buy a dog as dogs are even the best companion for kids.
  • You don’t need any diploma as training to start this business.
  • The only recession proof home based industry.
  • Future aspect of pets business are far brighter than any other trade with the expected growth of 100% every year in a country like India where this business is in primary stage.
  • Additional after sale services and facilities can generate thousands of rupees as an income with each sold pet, lifelong.
  • Pets Business is a monopoly business with no competition as no major player is operating in this Sector.
  • Everyone dreams for three things in life 1) Name 2) Fame 3) Money choosing this field as a Career gives you the opportunity to achieve and enjoy all three aspects.
  • Since you are not selling common commodity with fix price, Tag, buying a pet is related to hobby passion and people are ready to pay anything and everything to satisfy their passion of owning the best pet.
  • You moves in the best elite circle of society selling these dogs to even the most high profile people of your city , this makes your contact and network so powerful that pays you in many ways.
  • Since its a new concept, what ever you do related to your business becomes a media attraction, a news headline.
  • This is a business where you enjoy your work with pleasure, meeting a lot of interesting people and giving them a reason to smile for lifetime, it gives you immense work satisfaction and giving a pet a new home.
  • Considering all these aspects this business can make you well known celebrity of your town fulfilling your dream to be rich and famous.



  • Owning your own business with benefit of Larger business network and system which provides added security.
  • Access to business knowledge even being dumb.
  • Pre-opening and post opening support and backup from franchiser including management, financing, training, advertising, operating procedure and assistance growth.
  • Consistency in Service and Product.


  • First & only ISO 9001 certified Pets Organization in India.
  • Brand IDB Reputation with the clientage of more than 25000 clients all across.
  • No. 1 organization of pets Industry in Rajasthan with 80% of total Market share.
  • Pioneers of pet’s game with expertise.
  • Over a decade of legacy.
  • Strong Ready livestock of hundred of Dog, pups and other livestock Round and clock on a single call “YOU DREAM – WE DELIVER”.
  • Strong Global & National Networking for sourcing the finest livestock.
  • The only Acclaimed pets organization covered by National & International Print & Electronic Media Worldwide.
  • Officially supplied Dogs & pups to prestigious organization like Army, Police, RPF, BSF, Even to the President’s Security.
  • Unique marketing strategy that makes News & History.
  • IDB has made this small time hobby into a big time Industry employing hundreds of people, on top of everything we are the brightest example for any beginner, as we started it with just 5000 rupees and no infrastructure and reaching the turn over of approx 22 million, we still believe its just a beginning and have to go long way much beyond imaginations.
  •  Joining hands with IDB means entering into a Gateway of endless opportunities to name, fame and money.
  • IDB has organised the most high profile talked about Biggest Dog Shows in India consecutively from last 7 years attracting thousand of quality visitors.
  • IDB is the only firm to provide Original Breed Certificate that is copyrighted and Registered that gives a 100% Breed guarantee of every sold pup.
  • IDB just not means International Dog Bazar it Means I- inspiring , D – Dreams For, B- Benefits.


  • Dogs, Pups, Exotic Foreign Cage Birds, Parrots, Imported, Cats, Aquaria, Garden Pets, Amphibians, Pet Reptiles trading. (Over 750 varieties)
  • Specialized Clinic for Pets for Vaccination & Minor treatment.
  • Pet Accessories store just like a Mini Super Market.
  • Hostel, Home stay & Boarding Centre for dogs and their pets.
  • Pet Readymade & Freshly made Food Store & Delivery Service.
  • Dog Bakery.
  • Dog spa & fitness cum grooming center.
  • Dogs Maternity home.
  • Dogs Designer Cloth Boutique.
  • Dog Adoption Home.
  • Stuffed Animal Gallery.
  • Dog training service & puppy socialization service.
  • Pet Photo T-Shirt Service.
  • Aquarium & Bird Cage Maintenance  Service.
  • Pet Furniture & Designer Dog houses and Cages.
  • Tag Machine.
  • Pet photography studio.
  • Animal Registration & Identification Service (Micro chipping)
  • Guard Dog Rental Service.
  • Pet Match Making Service & Stud Service.
  • Pet Hotel.
  • Dogs Crematorium.
  • Pet Books & DVD Library.
  • Rare Dogs Auction House.

All these services if combined together and operated on full throttle can take the monthly figure of sales upto 1 crore.




Being our Associate, Franchisee is entitled to get Following Benefits :

  1. Brand IDB Name and trade Mark.
  2. Business Format (Complete Module)
    • How to work & earn.
    • How to avoid costly mistakes.
    • How to make sure your business is profitable.
    • Valuable Resources not found any where else
    • Hassle Free day to day operations.
  3. We provide you the most important skills you must know to succeed.
  4. Technical know how. How to manage pups and other live stock including there care, feeding, basic treatment & maintenance.
  5. Vast Experience – We are the Most experience & promising business house into this field with exclusive innovation & vision which gives you cutting edge advantage over any other player in market.
  6. Unique & Proven Marketing Techniques – Whenever we have introduced our unique marketing concepts they become national headlines which leaves a strong wide impact on the people & our customers.


We don’t believe in spending crores on advertisement rather we believe in making breaking news, that itself is the biggest advertising.



  • Life stock of foreign breed Dogs & pups, we will provide you the 10 most popular fastest selling Dog Breeds: 2 pups (1 pair of each breed) German shepherd, Dalmatian, Doberman, Boxer, Pug, Spitz, Saint Bernard, Neapolitan Mastiff, Labrador total 10 Breeds that makes 20 pups in all.
  • Exotic Foreign Cage Birds & Parrots.
  • Cockatiel (three Varieties) African Parrot (4 Varieties), Australian Love Bird, Finch (Three varieties) Jawa, Gouldian Finch total 5 pairs of Every Birds in all.
  • Exotic Foreign Pets Russian Rabbits (2 Pair) Hamster, Guniepig 1 Pair Each.
  • Exotic Persian Punch face cats 1 Pair.
  • Fish Aquariums, Ornamental Fish, Fish Bowls, Fish Tanks, Decorations, Oxygen equipments, Filters, Pumps, Fish raising Pounds, Cold Water fishes, Marine Aquarium & equipments Silk net, pebbles, Gravel etc. (Optional)
  • All Necessary Pet Food. All variety of Dog, Cats, Fish, Bird, Parrot, Hamster, Rabbit food.
  • Dog cosmetic & grooming products: Shampoos, Conditioners talcum powder, Brushes, Combs, Electronic Hair Trimmer, Slickers Nail Cutter, Cream, Oil, Soaps etc.
  • Articles & Accessories : Leash, Collers, Bolws, Kennels, Traveling Basket, Pet Clothes, Jacket, Pet toys, Health care Products, Cages (For Dog, Birds, Cats) Dog training Dvds, Steel Chains, Pet Chews, Treats & Biscuits, Food Supplements, Dog & Other pet books, Posters, Dog Jewellery, Designer Cloths, Shoes, Designer, Belts & Beds, Dog training articles etc.
  • Vaccines & Related Medicines.
  • Promotional office material: Posters, Leaf lets Pamphlets, Sale Record Books, Software, Database, Prescription Pads, Business Cards, IDB’s Letter Heads, Vaccination & Health Record Book, Glow sign Design, and Printed Carry Bags.
  • IDB’s official doctors & dog trainer Tie-up in your city.
  • Transportation free anywhere in Rajasthan till the franchisee exists.
  • Technical classes in your city & at IDB, Jaipur.
  • Computerized Electronic Billing machines with all item database loaded (Plug & Play)


At IDB we believe that first impression is the last impression, we intend to make the launching of IDB Franchisee in such a gala manner that makes IDB the talk of the town the very first Day.

  • The inauguration will be done by some celebrity or some top shot of city.
  • This ceremony will be followed by a Unique Dogs Fashion & Jewellery show with models.
  • Live Dog auction on same day.
  • Launching of All the services on the same day.
  • Dogs Mega sale (Puppy Heat) on the same day. (Just for 1 day)
  • Launching of Dogs & Dog owners Dating Website.
  • Paint your Pet (Painting Competition for Kids)
  • Unique one of its kind Dogs Road Show & Rally.
  • Get together Party inviting all top shots of City.
  • Lucky draw with prizes like foreign trip for buyers.
  • Free Anti rabies Vaccination, Deworming & Grooming Camp.
  • Seminar by experts on keeping dog and their care & management.
  • Press Conference inviting Print & Electronic Media, Making it sure that our launching is next days headline.


  • Dogs on installment.
  • Dogs on Rent.
  • Dogs on Exchange.
  • Weekly Puppy haat on Saturday Sunday.
  • Lucky draw every month.
  • Free Deworming & Vaccination Camps.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for pets.
  • Contract based breeding.
  • Dog shows ,Road shows.
  • Dog lover’s get-together & outing camps.
  • Breeders’ conference.
  • Door to door marketing.
  • Puppy on call.
  • Regular column on pets in esteemed newspaper.
  • Friendship Day, Valentine Day, Dog Day Parties.
  • Gift voucher shopping coupons, Pet lovers club, NGO etc.

These unique strategies are just a few of the bunch, our innovative team makes sure that we are out with a new idea every day to boost the sales and business. Creativity has no limit, we know the pulse of market as in where & when to hit with a bang that what we are doing since years and thats what we intend to do in the coming times.



  • Public issue as a Ltd. Company of IDB.
  • Dog food manufacturing plant targeting atleast half of the 2000 Crore annual market Dog food consumption of India.
  • State of the Art Stud & Breeding from (India’s Biggest)
  • Instigating a Dog squad of Super trained Dog with Arm, Explosives, Narcotics & sniffer training and providing their services throughout India.
  • Tie-up with Airlines to deliver dogs and pets anywhere in India within 6 hours / (Express delivery Service.)
  • Establishment of State of the Art Trauma Hospital for Dogs with all Modern Facilities like Sonography, Ultrasound, C.T. Scan, ECG, Digital X-Ray and a touch of class Laboratory for Research & Diagnosis of Diseases.
  • Establishment of Burial Ground Cremation Park for Dogs and Pets.
  • Publishing National Magazine Bulletin on pets and pet owners.
  • Establishing India’s First Canine Management Institute where Diploma Courses would be operated to impart skillful training to all eligible candidates on Dog Care, Canine Behaviourologist, Canine Trainers Groomer & Retail Management.
  • Stray Dog Adoption & Rescue center.
  • Chain of IDB outlets “IDB-Express” Nationally.
  • First pet friendly Restaurant and cafe.
  • Mini Zoo displaying all the Pets in a beautiful enclosure surrounded with lake, artificial mountain, landscape, fountains and Aviary where anybody can come and select the pet of his choice naturally.
  • Pet theme based amusement park for kids and adults too.
  • Mobile treatment & beauty Van for Dogs with O.T.
  • Establishment of India’s First Canine Sperm Bank equipped with the Semen of world’s best rated dogs round the clock.


  • Complete opening stock will be provided by us along with all the required mentioned material and livestock.
  • Franchisee fee is payable at the time of agreement.
  • Working capital and opening ceremony will be taken care by the franchisee.
  • Franchisee will be renewed after every Anniversary.

These are the some of the Details of our ambitious project of IDB Franchise.Togather we can move forward to make our Dream come true.


An early Revertal form your end will make us start at earliest


Regards ,

Viren sharma

(M.D) International Dog Bazar